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Sunday Brunch Menu

Tapas ₹1899++
Tapas & Cocktails ₹2999++
Tapas, Cocktails & Bubbly ₹3499++

Sharing Plates

Marinated Beetroot and Orange salad

Avocado, mixed lettuce, feta with apple and walnut dressing

Chip N Dip

Mushroom pate, crisp lavash and truffle oil

Asian Rice Paper Roll

Duo of tofu and Avocado rice paper rolls with sweet chilli and togarashi mayo

Hummus and Beetroot

Beetroot hummus, feta stuffed pita and fresh salad

Twice Baked Hassleback Potato

Combination of baked potato with dill sourcream and lentil crumb

Pepper and Corn Quesadilla

Cheese, bell peppers and jalapeno mix with tomato salsa

Subz ki Shammi

Lotus stem and lentil shammi with green chutney

Stuffed BBQ Mushroom Bao

Fluffy bao stuffed with wild mushrooms and chilli bean marmalade

Grilled Fillet Of Sole

Marinated fish fillet served with creamy roast potatoes

Curry leaf Chicken

Curry leaf marinated chicken bits with coconut and lime

Malaysian Chicken Satay

Lemongrass infused chicken satay with a peanut sauce

Chicken Afghan Tikka

Chicken Tikka With Coriander And Mint Pesto

Lamb and Onion Taco

Slow cooked mutton and onion with husky paratha and sika pyaaz

Turkish Grilled Lamb

Cumin spiced lamb with onion served with garlic labneh

Sushi & Dumplings

Tempura Asparagus Maki Roll
Spicy Prawn Volcano Roll
Spicy Exotic Vegetables Dumpling
Chicken Siu Mai

Pizza & Pasta

Goat cheese and Ragout pizza
Grilled Chicken and Pesto
Bacon and Onion



Gin | Homemade Lavander Syrup | Tonic Water


White Rum | Gold Rum | Dark Rum | Fresh Pineapple Juice | Fresh Orange Juice | Mango | Lime


Gin | Fresh Pineapple Juice | Jagermister | Homemade Lavender Syrup | Lime | Meringue


Vodka | Homemade Orange & Bergamot Syrup | Dry Vermouth | Lime | Bitter


Vodka | Apple Juice | Basil | Elderfloer | Lime


White Wine | Vodka |Orange Liqueur | Peach | Apple Juice | Fresh Fruits


Red Wine | Orange Liqueur | Brandy||Orange Juice | Fresh Fruits

We levy a 10% service charge. All government taxes are as applicable. Alcoholic beverages are served only to guests above 25 years of age. Our standard pour is 30ml.